Do you wish to hire out your motorhome or have an exchange with an owner from NZ
As an Autotrail owner here in New Zealand I was wondering if any of your members would be interested in either renting or swapping their Motorhome for a period of approximately 3 weeks in late June while we are visiting the UK (Devon) for a family wedding. NZ time swap could be anytime but I would recommend summer as the best time to tour NZ

Alan Lupton   E-mail address:

Do you own an AUTO-TRAIL and live outside of the UK?

I receive a number of emails from overseas owners asking about our club activities here in the UK and seeking general information. The owners are from as far away as New Zealand and Australia where Auto-Trail now have a number of dealerships and a healthy export market.

If you live ouside the UK and wish to swap ideas, hints or tips, or tell us your travel experiences in your motorhome. Just drop us an email, this can be to our magazine editor at or to me at Please remember to include a selection of photographs of yourself (optional), your motorhome or your favourite camping spot.

You may be planning a trip to the UK or a UK member planning a trip outside the UK, why not send me an advert for a 'holiday exchange' motorhome/house/motorhome etc. I will post your requests on the website and hopefully you can arrange an exchange as well as establishing a great friendship from a like minded Auto-Trail owner in the process.

Please get in touch, we would love to hear from you!

Dennis Paul

Webmaster ATOC

Auto-Trail Owners' Club New Zealand

The Auto Trail Owner's Club here in NZ is a small (about 180 owners, mostly husband and wife couples) informal club that was first convened about 2 years ago by Auto Trail owners, Linda and Denis McKenzie. Due to unfortunate health problems, Linda had to give up running the Club and Lyn and I took over, initially on a temporary basis but this has continued! I call myself a co-ordinator, not a chairperson as we are not formally organised with a committee etc. If the club grows much bigger then that may have to change.
We have a web site,  that one of our members has set up. He, Chris Gaelic, has also established a travel site primarily aimed at motorhome travel in NZ This site is a great help to overseas visitors motorhoming in NZ

David and Lyn Buxton

Thanks to David and Lyn for this information. If you are planning a trip to NZ or vice versa please drop me an email.  and I will try and put you in touch with members who may be able to offer help or advice or even an exchange visit.

ATOCNZ members visit ATOCUK Rally

AUTO-TRAIL OWNERS'S CLUB NZ - Latest newsletter now available, click here ATOCNZ

Planning to visit New Zealand?  

Then a visit to this web site, will be of great interest to you.

It has been set up by Chris Gaelic, an Auto-Trail Owners' Club New Zealand member who has established this travel site primarily aimed at motorhome travel in NZ 

Planning a trip to the UK from New Zealand?

I receive many emails from people in New Zealand seeking advice prior to visiting the UK to collect their new Auto-Trail to tour the UK and EU before shipping it back home. Insurance seems to be a huge problem for non UK residents and if you are over the age of 70, the problems increase.

I have also received a number of emails from kiwi's who have experienced these problems and overcome them.

Here are some of their suggestions;

The New Zealand Motorhome Association,,  are very happy to assist with relevant information regarding purchasing, insurances, documentation and importation of UK acquired motorhomes.

Try Vantage Insurance  Vantage Insurance, Downunder Insurance UK  duinsure for cover.

Another suggestion was for kiwis put the name of youngest of the couple on the insurance. If you are buying in the UK and then exporting home to NZ after a UK/EU tour, get insurance cover prior to paying any deposits, just in case there are any problems in obtaining cover. Cover is usually grossly over priced.

Try a Google search for  insurance for non UK residents.


With thanks to Barbara Thomas, Kathy and Rick van Bokhoven and Clive Sandham for the above information.

Motorhome exchange with ATOCNZ owners in 2017 or 2018?

Hi we are a New Zealand couple and members of the NZ Auto Trail club. We have a new 2016 Delaware and would like to consider the possibility of renting or swapping something similar to tour the UK or Europe in 2017 or 2018 (possibly on a rally with your owners club)
We are happy to assist would be travellers to New Zealand with any information they may require

Ricky and Libby Bennett

Contact Ricky and Libby direct at

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