Code of Conduct - Updated 05/07/17 


1       Introduction

One named person from the organisation, usually the Rally Steward, is to be responsible for the conduct of each rally and for ensuring that members attending comply with the Code. Failure to comply can result in offenders being asked to leave the rally and further penalties may be imposed, including expulsion from the Club.


2.       Venue

a)      Organisations should take reasonable steps to satisfy themselves that the site proposed for an exempted rally is not subject to an order under Para. 13 of Schedule 1, or an Article 4 direction, or one for which planning permission has been refused, or where enforcement action has been taken.

b)      Organisations should not meet on sites operating under Para. 5 of Schedule 1 to the 1960 Act (certified locations - CLs or certificated sites - CSs) or on sites adjacent to them, unless the proposed site is clearly differentiated and the risk of interference with local people and other users is minimal.

c)      Organisations should take care that the siting of motorhomes does not unduly interfere with the activities of local people, their privacy or the enjoyment of their property. They should also take care that the siting of motorhomes does not interfere with the enjoyment by others of the landscape or nat­ural beauty of the area, and the conservation value of areas. This is especially important in areas designated for their qualities of landscape or wildlife.

d)      Organisations should avoid the over-use of any venue and consider carefully before holding successive meetings at the same venue.


3.       Nuisance

a)      Local people should be able to carry on their normal activities when meetings are in progress, and disturbance to them should be minimised. Complaints should be treated seriously and steps taken to investigate and deal with the causes of complaints.

b)      Care should be taken not to damage the site or surrounding locality. Trees, fences, buildings, equipment and stock should be respected.

c)      Domestic animals belonging to members of the organisation must be placed on a short lead (maximum 2.5 metres) before leaving the motorhome and held by the handler or secured to a fixed point when outside. They must not be allowed to run loose on the site, regardless of the size of the site, or cause disturbance to people or other animals. They should be exercised away from motorhomes and parts of the site used for communal activities. Any mess must be picked up and disposed of responsibly. They should be kept at a distance from areas where food is being prepared or served and, with the exception of assistance dogs, should not be brought to indoor gatherings.

d)      The responsible person should identify open space suitable for games which might otherwise intrude or constitute a danger or annoyance to others on or around the site. .

e)      Noise should be kept to a minimum for the comfort of guests on the site, as well as people who live or work nearby. Generators may be run between the hours of 8 am and 8 pm only, and should not be left unattended. Flags should be lowered at night (with the exception of the Club Flag)

(f)      Small unmanned aircraft eg drone, model aircraft, model helicopter. The following rules shall be applied prior to the flying of any small unmanned aircraft at Club Rallies. (Aircraft flight weight must be under 7kg).

1. Obtain the rally stewards permission.

2. Provide the Steward with a copy of appropriate Insurance Cover

3. Keep your unmanned aircraft within sight at all times.

4. Stay below 400feet, and never fly near aircraft or airfields.

5. Do not fly within 50 metres of people and property, or livestock.

6. The activity must not pose a risk to public safety.

Further safety regulations are contained in Articles 94 & 95 of the Air Navigation Order which is referenced in CAP393 for further advice.


4.       Road Safety and Access

a)      The responsible person should take reasonable steps to ensure that travel from major roads to a proposed site is not likely to cause undue disruption to or difficulties for local people and other road users. He should also take reasonable steps to ensure that access to the proposed site is suitable for the number and likely size of units attending the meeting. Organisations should spread the arrival and departure of motorhomes to minimise disruption to local people and other road users.

b)      The speed of vehicles on the site should be restricted to 5mph.


5.       Spacing and Density

Units should be sited as per ACCEO guidelines so that they do not restrict access or exit from the unit or the area in case of emergencies. Emergency vehicles should be able to secure access to each unit on the site.


6.       Fire Precautions

a)      Open fires and barbecues should not be held except with the permission of the responsible person. Where permission is given for open fires or barbecues, they should be sited in open ground, away from vans, vehicles, awnings and other structures.

b)      Motorhomes should carry a fire extinguisher approved to British Standards Institute and/or Fire Officers' Certificate standards.


7.       Chemical Toilets, Waste Water Disposal

a)      Organisations should act responsibly with respect to the disposal of the contents of chemical toilets and waste water, and take full account of the need to safeguard water supplies and prevent the pollution of rivers and streams.

b)      On-site disposal of the contents of chemical toilets and waste water should be in accordance with arrangements made with the site owner or manager. Neither fluid should be allowed to foul the ground except at designated disposal points.


8.       Refuse Disposal

a)      Organisations should ensure that refuse is either taken home or disposed of in accordance with on-site arrangements. The responsible person should be satisfied that appropriate arrangements are in place.

b)      The responsible person should ensure that the site is clear of litter after the meeting.


9.       Food Hygiene (Ingredients)

       The Club is not registered as a food business operator. Any food prepared by rally stewards and other members is voluntary and is not sold by the club.Therefore the club is not subject to any regulation and as such members consuming any food do so at their own risk.

is the member’s responsibility to notify the steward of any food allergies on arrival at a rally.


10.       Child Protection

The Autotrail Owners Club believes that a child, young person or vulnerable adult should never experience abuse of any kind whilst attending our rallies. The Club has a responsibility to promote the welfare of all children, young persons and vulnerable adults to keep them safe. The Club is committed to operate in a way that protects them.

Adapted from a Rural England, Scottish Office, Welsh Office document         E & O E

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