a) Any owner of a motorhome prominently and primarily badged Auto-Trail or Tribute, may apply to become a Full Member of the club. Owners of other brands, however badged, shall not be eligible. Candidates for Membership shall make application on the requisite form ESprescribed by the Board of Directors and give such undertakings as may be required by them.
b) A member who ceases to own a motorhome qualifying them for membership as in Rule 1 a) may apply to renew their membership according to such conditions as are current at renewal time, including payment of the full renewal fee, provided that the member does not own or share ownership of any other make of motorhome or touring caravan. Subsequent ownership or share in any other make of motorhome or touring caravan would terminate membership of The Auto-Trail Owners' Club with immediate effect.
Such Entrance Fee as the Members in General Meeting may determine shall be deposited with the Club by the Candidate at the time of application. In the event of the applicant not being accepted to Membership the entrance fee shall be returned without interest.
a) Such subscriptions as the Members in General Meeting may determine shall be payable on 1st January every year.
b) Subscriptions for Members joining after 30th June in any year shall pay one half of the annual subscription.
c) Membership renewal forms will be incorporated in the Club’s Autumn and Winter magazines with a footnote stating that these are the members’ only reminders. All memberships not renewed by 31st January shall be deemed as lapsed and applications received after this date shall be subject to the re-joining fee current at that time.
d) Proposals by Members in connection with Subscriptions shall be in accordance with Rule 12.
e) Any Board of Directors’ agreed recommendation in connection with Subscriptions shall be presented to a General Meeting by the Club Treasurer on behalf of the Board of Directors in accordance with Rule 12.
f) Changes in Subscription shall become effective immediately for new Memberships and from 1st January for existing Memberships and shall not be made retrospective for those referred to in b) above.
a) Administration of Funds
i) The Club's Funds are to be operated through a National Bank or Building Society as agreed by the Board of Directors. However, where the Board deems there are funds surplus to the day-to-day requirements of the Club, these may be deposited in an interest-bearing account with any financial institution that is covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).
ii) The Club's funds shall be administered by the Club Treasurer, who will sign and nominate one other of the appointed signatories to countersign documents authorising the transfer of funds. When the Treasurer is for any reason unable to sign, the remaining signatories shall agree which two should sign. No signatory may sign for any personal reimbursement of expenditure they have incurred for or on behalf of the Club. No two signatories shall be related. The signatories are to include, if eligible, the Chairman, Club Secretary, Club Treasurer and one other Director, who will be appointed by the Directors by a simple majority vote, such majority to include a casting vote when applicable. The Club Treasurer may also authorise the transfer of funds by the use of Internet banking; the on line bank account shall be available for scrutiny by the Chairman and Club Secretary. The Club Secretary shall not be permitted to make any transfer of funds. Only if the Treasurer is unable to administer the bank account by reason of illness or departure from the Board of Directors, the Chairman shall administer the bank account and another Director, who shall be appointed by the Board, will take on a scrutinising position until such time that the Treasurer is able to resume administration or is replaced.
b) Expenditure of Funds.
i) The Chairman, Club Secretary and Club Treasurer shall unanimously be able to approve expenditure up to £1500 for any one purchase.
ii) The Board of Directors shall by simple majority be able to approve expenditure up to £2500 for any one purchase.
iii) Any expenditure over £2500 shall be approved by the Membership in General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting.
iv) The amounts in i), ii) and iii) above are to be reviewed annually, and any changes are to be put to the Membership in General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting for approval by simple majority.
v) Interest in land may be acquired by purchase, lease or licence for the purpose of holding rallies or meetings as permitted by legislation or Local Planning Authorities or for any other Club activities.
A Member wishing to withdraw from the Club shall give notice in writing to the Club Secretary.
a) Any member whose conduct falls below the standard required and expected shall receive a written warning.  Any further breach will incur disciplinary action that may result in the termination of membership or any such other action as the Board shall deem appropriate.  The Board shall only be able to invoke this clause if, in a meeting, they agree by a majority of at least two thirds of their then maximum number.
b) Clause (a) above may not be voted on by the Board by written resolution, fax or email.
c) No person whose Membership has been terminated by this Rule shall be introduced by any other Member as a visitor to the Club or to any of the Club's rallies.
An Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held every year and shall be notified as such to transact the following business as required:
a) to deal with any special matters which the Board of Directors desire to bring to the Members;
b) to elect, as required, the Chairman (who shall be Chairman of the Club and the Board of Directors), Club Secretary, Club Treasurer and Directors, taking into account any electronic votes received following publication of the details of each candidate on the Club’s website, which shall be after the closing date for nominations. In the event of the number of nominees being equal to or fewer than the number of positions available, no vote will be taken and the nominees will be deemed to be elected unopposed;
c) to elect a President, if so desired and recommended to a General Meeting by the Board of Directors;
d) to appoint Auditors, if so desired, and with the consent of The Members, who will independently review the Club’s financial statements as published in the Club Magazine;
e) The date and location of the Annual General Meeting shall be determined by the Board of Directors and notified to the Membership in writing via the Rally Book and / or the Club Magazine and / or the Club Website, giving not less than four weeks’ notice of such meeting.
f) The AGM shall be followed by a Members’ Forum offering the Membership the opportunity to put questions to the Directors concerning Club business.
On receipt by the Club Secretary or by deposit at the Registered Office of a written request signed by no fewer than 20 Members entitled to vote, that sets out precisely the purpose for which those Members require an Extraordinary General Meeting to be held, the Board of Directors shall, within 21 days, give notice that an Extraordinary General Meeting shall be held at a time and place to be agreed by them.
a) The Board of Directors shall comprise 11 Club Members, ie. Chairman, Club Secretary, Club Treasurer, and 8 other Directors.
b) A President may be elected at the Annual General Meeting in accordance with Rule 7(c). The Board of Directors shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting in accordance with Rule 7(b). The Vice Chairman, and the responsibilities of each Director shall be agreed by The Board of Directors at their first meeting following the Annual General Meeting.
c) Not more than one representative of a Membership may serve as Chairman, Club Secretary, Company Secretary or Club Treasurer.
d) The Chairman, Club Secretary and Club Treasurer shall hold office for two terms. They shall be eligible for re-election. The Club Secretary and Club Treasurer shall stand for election on alternate years.
e) Election as a Director shall be for a period of two terms. One half of the Board of Directors (not including the Chairman, Club Secretary and Club Treasurer) shall be elected each year but retiring Directors shall be eligible for re-election.
a) Notices convening Directors’ Meetings shall be given by the Club Secretary not less than 21 days prior to the date of the Meeting and shall specify the matters to be dealt with.
b) An Extraordinary Meeting of the Board of Directors shall be called by the Club Secretary within 21 days of a written request signed by not less than one more than one half of the maximum number of Directors precisely setting out the purpose for which the Extraordinary Meeting is required.
c) Notice convening an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Members shall be given by the Board of Directors not less than 28 days prior to the date of the Meeting and shall specify the matters and any resolutions to be considered at that meeting.
For Directors Meetings, except with the purpose of dealing with the expulsion of a Member, one more than one half of their maximum number shall form a quorum.
a) Any Member who wishes to put a Motion or resolution to a General Meeting of the Members must ensure that it is received by the Board of Directors in sufficient time for them to include it in an appropriate form in the Notice for that Meeting.
b) Any resolution in respect of The Rules received by the Club Secretary not later than 21 days prior to a General Meeting shall be put to the Members for their consent. Any such resolution put to the Members and receiving their consent shall form part of The Rules provided that no Rule change so consented to shall be inconsistent with or affect or repeal anything contained in the Memorandum or Articles of the Club.
c) All Notices of Motion or resolutions and all proposals to amend the objects of the Club shall be signed and dated by the Proposer and a Seconder.
Questions as to the interpretation of these Rules shall be referred to the Board of Directors for their decision, which will be binding on all Members.
A Full Member means a qualifying motorcaravan owner and spouse/nominated partner, each of whom holds a current Membership Card and has paid the Annual Subscription, ie. the Membership Fee is for up to two Full Members per motorcaravan.
a) A Rally is a meet or function which can be arranged and/or organised by any Full Member of the Club providing that all relevant details are given to the Rally Coordinator in writing and that the Rally Coordinator approves the said Rally and it is announced in the Magazine and/or the Year Rally Programme; however, the Board of Directors shall have the final say in the case of any dispute.
b) The Board of Directors shall determine the location of the Doral Photographic Competition.
c) Members booking any rally and paying money to the Stewards or other agents do so entirely at their own risk. The Club or its Stewards cannot be held responsible for any associated losses incurred before, during or after any rally.
d) The sending of a Rally Booking Slip to a Rally Steward implies acceptance of the Terms and Conditions as set out in the Rally Book (as defined in Rule 15c).
e) The Rally Steward shall be responsible for consulting the relevant local authority regarding any proposed rally site when rallying under the terms of exemption offered by Paragraph 4 and shall not use any site to which the local authority objects.
f) There will be a maximum duration of 28 days for any rally held using a Paragraph 4 exemption.
General, Members’ Forum and Board Meetings will be minuted. The minutes of such meetings, as agreed by the Board of Directors, are to be available from the Club Secretary, within 120 days of the meeting, to any member, by post or electronically, upon a single request stating their delivery preference.




1.     Introduction

One named person from the organisation, usually the Rally Steward, is to be responsible for the conduct of each rally and for ensuring that members attending comply with the Code. Failure to comply can result in offenders being asked to leave the rally and further penalties may be imposed, including expulsion from the Club.

2.     Venue

a)      Organisations should take reasonable steps to satisfy themselves that the site proposed for an exempted rally is not subject to an order under Para. 13 of Schedule 1, or an Article 4 direction, or one for which planning permission has been refused, or where enforcement action has been taken.

b)      Organisations should not meet on sites operating under Para. 5 of Schedule 1 to the 1960 Act (certified locations - CLs or certificated sites - CSs) or on sites adjacent to them, unless the proposed site is clearly differentiated and the risk of interference with local people and other users is minimal.

c)      Organisations should take care that the siting of motorhomes does not unduly interfere with the activities of local people, their privacy or the enjoyment of their property. They should also take care that the siting of motorhomes does not interfere with the enjoyment by others of the landscape or nat­ural beauty of the area, and the conservation value of areas. This is especially important in areas designated for their qualities of landscape or wildlife.

d)      Organisations should avoid the over-use of any venue and consider carefully before holding successive meetings at the same venue.

3.     Nuisance

a)      Local people should be able to carry on their normal activities when meetings are in progress, and disturbance to them should be minimised. Complaints should be treated seriously and steps taken to investigate and deal with the causes of complaints.

b)      Care should be taken not to damage the site or surrounding locality. Trees, fences, buildings, equipment and stock should be respected.

c)      Domestic animals belonging to members of the organisation must be placed on a short lead (maximum 2.5 metres) before leaving the motorhome and held by the handler or secured to a fixed point when outside. They must not be allowed to run loose on the site, regardless of the size of the site, or cause disturbance to people or other animals. They should be exercised away from motorhomes and parts of the site used for communal activities. Any mess must be picked up and disposed of responsibly. They should be kept at a distance from areas where food is being prepared or served and, with the exception of assistance dogs, should not be brought to indoor gatherings.

d)      The responsible person should identify open space suitable for games which might otherwise intrude or constitute a danger or annoyance to others on or around the site. 

e)      Noise should be kept to a minimum for the comfort of guests on the site, as well as people who live or work nearby. Generators may be run between the hours of 8 am and 8 pm only, and should not be left unattended. Flags should be lowered at night (with the exception of the Club Flag)

4.     Road Safety and Access

a)      The responsible person should take reasonable steps to ensure that travel from major roads to a proposed site is not likely to cause undue disruption to or difficulties for local people and other road users. He should also take reasonable steps to ensure that access to the proposed site is suitable for the number and likely size of units attending the meeting. Organisations should spread the arrival and departure of motorhomes to minimise disruption to local people and other road users.

b)      The speed of vehicles on the site should be restricted to 5mph.

5.     Spacing and Density

       Units should be well spaced and should be sited so that they do not restrict access or exit from the unit or the area in case of emergencies. Emergency vehicles should be able to secure access to each unit on the site.

6.     Fire Precautions

a)      Open fires and barbecues should not be held except with the permission of the responsible person. Where permission is given for open fires or barbecues, they should be sited in open ground, away from vans, vehicles, awnings and other structures.

b)      Motorhomes should carry a fire extinguisher approved to British Standards Institute and/or Fire Officers' Certificate standards.

7.     Chemical Toilets, Waste Water Disposal

a)      Organisations should act responsibly with respect to the disposal of the contents of chemical toilets and waste water, and take full account of the need to safeguard water supplies and prevent the pollution of rivers and streams.

b)      On-site disposal of the contents of chemical toilets and waste water should be in accordance with arrangements made with the site owner or manager. Neither fluid should be allowed to foul the ground except at designated disposal points.

8.     Refuse Disposal

a)      Organisations should ensure that refuse is either taken home or disposed of in accordance with on-site arrangements. The responsible person should be satisfied that appropriate arrangements are in place.

b)      The responsible person should ensure that the site is clear of litter after the meeting.

9.     Food Hygiene (Ingredients)

       The Club is not registered as a food business operator. Any food prepared by rally stewards and other members is voluntary and is not sold by the club.Therefore the club is not subject to any regulation and as such members consuming any food do so at their own risk.

       It is the member’s responsibility to notify the steward of any food allergies on arrival at a rally.

Adapted from a Rural England, Scottish Office, Welsh Office document         E & O E




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