There is currently a vacancy for a board member, in particular someone who would like to be involved in publicity to bring our club to the attention of a wider audience and promote membership of the club amongst Auto-Trail owners or prospective purchasers.

If you are interested in taking on such a role please contact the club secretary, Pat Ash, for further information

 Members Awards

Members Receiving 20 Years Plaque   Stewards Awarded at 2017 AGM  
Jean   Clement   Kurt Barbara Muntendam      53 Rallies  
Paul Jenny Culshaw   Dennis June Paul      25 Rallies  
Malcolm Elsie Kyle            
Tony Audrey Read   Doral Photographic Shield      
Ian Sandra Turner   Neil Miller      
Dave Margaret  Whitlam            
John Joan Young   Concourse D Elegance Trophy    
        Frank Yvonne Parkinson    
Members Receiving 10 Years Plaque            
Leslie Beverley  Bonnett / Phillips   Congratulations On Completing 100 Rallies in 2017    
Alan Susan Boyce   Astrid   Gifkins    
Victor Dorothy Brown   Brian Pam Pearson    
Alan Rosemary  Browning   Glen Christine Perkins    
Derek Valerie Byatt   John Dot Ryder    
John Barbara Daniels   Peter Chris Tanner    
Ken Sue Deverill   Ray Carole Varney    
William (David) Marianne Edgar   Cecilia   Wootten    
Russell Jacquie Green            
Kenneth Doreen Hankey   Top Rallier 2016  
Brian Pauline Heard   Kevin Jayne Covey 24 Rallies  
Ray Ann Jones            
Dennis Pam  Smithers     Members Receiving Rallies Stewards Awards                         Rallies Hosted
Donald Lin Sutton     John Sally Cleave/Boswell 107 
William Carol  Webb     Kurt Barbara Muntendam 53 
Rob Iris Wightman     Ken Dee  Bate 47 
David Deborah Wort     Ray Carole Varney 39 
          Mike   Harvey 32
Fellowship Plaques 2016     Rallies                                            Attended   Tony Audrey Read 31
Kevin Jayne Covey 24    Terence Eileen Lambourne 30 
Peter Helen Watts 22    Joyce Ken Pugh 29 
David Susan Heighes / Holmes 20   Bill Jan Burchill 26 
Dennis June Paul 19    Dennis June Paul 26
Gerald Maureen Barnett 18           
Michael Lynne Sharp  18           
John Sally  Cleave / Boswell 17           
John Joan Owen 16           
Brian Pamela Pearson 15           
Donald Marie Barker 15          
Will Di Dancer 15           
Dave Margaret Whitlam 14           
John Barbara Pridgeon 14           
Clive Janice Patterson 14           
Rodney Cath Wright 14           
Joyce Kenneth Pugh 14           
Colin Julie Goodfield 14           
Glenville Christine Perkins 14           
Charles Rosemary Damer 14          
Tony Barbara Kestell 13           
Brian Janice Eley 13          
Edward Linda Williams 13           
Roger Anita Gough 13           
Malcolm Elsie Kyle 12           
Norman Carol Collins 12           
Michael Gillian Harris 12           
Anthony Helen Buller 12           
Felp   Radford 12           

Barabara and Kurt Muntendam Award for hosting 50 club rallies.

Recently,  on behalf of the Board of Directors, I had the pleasure of presenting Kurt and Barbara Muntendam with their award for exceptional service being Rally Stewards and hosting over 50 rallie. Kurt and Barbara are the first Rally Stewards to receive this new award and were delighted to have been recognised and appreciated for all their hard work in this way.
We look forward to presenting more of. These awards to recognise the milestone achievements of our volunteer Rally Stewards.  
Patricia Ash Club Secretary.
I have asked Di Chawner to assist us with the organisation and coordination of all activities at the 25th Anniversary rally in Doncaster as a short term project coordinator, who will be completely focused on the event.
I hope that if you are contacted by her for any help or information that she may ask for to enable us to hit all the right targets you will give her your help.
This will ensure our efforts are coordinated in a timely way.
She will join us in any face to face discussions that we have prior to the event working with us and providing any necessary support, to the board. As well as contributing in a material way at the rally.
If there are any other willing volunteers out there please contact me .
David Wort
Chairman & Advertising manager
Auto-Trail Owners Club

Safe parking at rallies.

The images below demonstrate the importance of safe parking and the need to observe the 6mtr parking guidelines as stated in the clubs H&S Policy statement and Code of Practice.  


Please follow stewards instructions when parking at a rally.

The photographs were taken at another clubs rally, fortunately no one was injured or any other property damaged. The cause of the fire is unknown at this time.

The vehicle was unattended at the time of the fire. Make sure all appliances (other than the fridge) are turned off when the vehicle is unoccupied. 


See Club Regalia Section for more images and information




or contact

Mr Jeff Parker

1 Valley Drive, Kendal, Cumbria.



Rally Stewards Award

We have introduced an award to stewards who have run

25/50/100 or more rallies. Without our hardworking band of volunteer stewards, the rest of us would not have the opportunity to meet as a club and share friendship and experiences together.

This award is to recognise the enormous contribution that our rally stewards make. This is not based on length of service, but on unselfish stewardship for others.

Your SPRING issue


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Can you write an article for your club magazine?

YES!      Great, your Editor is always looking for new articles for inclusion in the club magazine. If you have a special interest or hobby, favourite recipe, or any hints and tips then let him know. You don't need any special skills, just put pen to paper or tap the old keyboard and send the article to the Editor, he will do the rest. Why not include a selection of photographs too?


Magazine Editor

If you require confirmation of your rally booking please send SAE envelope with your rally slip.






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25th Anniversary Rally

Events, Photos, Winners

We are looking to recruit a club member to the team of Directors in a PR role.

Details here

DoT release updated information on the use of A Frames in the UK

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Do you wish to hire out your motorhome or have an exchange with an owner from NZ?

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Note for club Rally Stewards 

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Tyco BMW's primary British Superbike rider Christian Iddon collects his new 2018 Auto-Trail Comanche'

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There are 6 new driving laws coming during 2018 plus changes to MOT's

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Taking your pet dog out of UK? Find a list of breeds banned in some countries.


Safe parking at rallies advice, please take time to read this item.

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ATOC Members raise nearly £1000 for charity

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Auto-Trail -  Where it all began, a brief history.

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