Have you thought about stewarding a rally?

You could help spread the load of running rallies. The club has access to hundreds of rally sites in both new and previously used locations with some old favourites. All a steward needs to do is once you have found a site negotiate a rate, take the bookings, collect the money and site the ralliers as they arrive.   

   Win an award for                                    Anything else is up to you!

  hosting 25 rallies            The Rally Coordinator may be able to put you in touch with an experienced                                                      Rally Steward, who would act as a mentor and have you on one or more rallies                                                as an assistant steward for you to find out, first hand, what is involved. 

If you interested in becoming a steward or assistant steward please contact Dennis Paul, our Rally Coordinator, he will be very pleased to hear from you!

           email - atoc.rallycoord@gmail.com or call 077 252 08081







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