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Fiat Engine Oil Euro 6 IMPORTANT NOTE




I have been trying to source top-up engine oil for the Euro 6 engine and this has been quite interesting. The oil is fully synthetic which of course equals expensive. I have tried to match the specification with oils available and came across what appeared to be a major error. The Fiat Handbook page on Fluids and Lubricants (page 329 in mine) states the oil is SAE 0W-30 ACEA C2 with the specification shown as being 9.55535-S1. This being manufactured by Petronas and named Selenia WR Forward. In talking to Petronas and Castrol I have ascertained that the S1 is ascribed to a Euro 5 engine and NOT Euro 6 and is not recommended for the Euro 6 models. I have spoken with Fiat Customer Service who confirm that the oil required for this engine is SAE 0W-30 ACEA C2 with a specification of 9.55535-DS1. They accept that there is a misprint in my Handbook and showed some concern over this. They have escalated the issue to the powers that be who are concerned with the production of the handbook and expect there to be a correction issued via  a Service Update through Fiat Professional agents. I have also been warned that these engines are liable to use a half litre of oil every 600 miles and therefore a close watch needs to be kept on the engine oil levels.

I am unsure how many members already have Euro 6 vehicles but as more purchase new models hopefully they will pick up on this issue. I am sure that it will take months for this to appear in new Handbooks, mine is dated 02/2015 and came with a 2017 model, meanwhile owners and presumably maintenance engineers may well be filling up with incorrect fluids.

With thanks to Bryan Steiner for this information

Got a broken interior blind catch? Here are the instructions on how to replace and the supplier contact information. Document is for download only. Supplier details are on the document.
window locks for motorhome.pdf
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Own a 2002/2007 Fiat based motorhome?


An extract from an email from a member regarding his motorhomel MOT test.


I put my van in for her MOT which she passed with no problems as far as the MOT was concerned,the tester called me over to the pit to have a look under the van at which time he pointed out the engine oil sump covered in oil, I assumed there was a major leak from the casket BUT it turned out to be that the sump had near enough rusted through, in fact it was so bad he reckoned another 20 mile and it would blow. Long and short is repair job for £370 all fixed.

Now the reason for this mail is I suggest it might be an idea to put this on the web site, the mechanic told me this is a known problem on all 2002/2007 Ducato's, so my view is if you have one of these years check it out! He didn't say anything about earlier or later models.
In fact I've just been talking to a guy on our site here who has an 05 plate and his is going too!
When I went to pick the van up today the guy showed me my old sump and you could have put your fingers straight through it.

Thanks to Alan Boyce for the information.


I have also heard of another case on a 52 plate Fiat with the exact same problem. (Webmaster)


After sending this information to me, Alan put a post on a social media site and it appears to be a common problem with the pre X250 chassis (Pre 2007). We suggest you have yours checked, if the sump does blow, (there is some pressure generated within the sump), the oil will drain out and the engine may seize whilst you are driving.

Advice sought from a member regarding a fuel leak


On our way home from the AGM, we suffered a leak from the fuel filter, we managed to get home, but by this time the leak had escalated.
This apparently being an ongoing problem with (2010 Ducato). Has any one else had this problem, and managed to solve it. 

Thanking you
George Crosswell


Another member has sent this in

We had the same problem recently.  According to the garage, as the housing is plastic it can crack if the top is tightened too much.  We had to have ours replaced and it cost a total of £303 for the Fiat replacement part (including fitting).  However, our extended warranty covered it all.  It appears to be a well known fault.


"Surely the garage who overtightned the filter should hold some resonsibility?'" web comment


If you have had this problem and managed to find a solution please email atoc.web@gmail.com  and I will post the information here.

Response to above.


The fuel filter on the X250 is a well-known nightmare, with even Fiat Professional Dealers now choosing to fit a ready-made complete replacement unit (Filter and Housing) as opposed to trying to replace the actual filter. The cost of the whole unit is circa £100. Due to the poor design of the plastic filter housing, even when using the Fiat genuine tool, the process is hit and miss, resulting in leaks more often than not.


There are several work arounds, including below filter:




Several other companies do similar filter.


Thanks to Nigel Davies for this information.



Auto Trail TV


Here you will find short 'how to' videos for entertainment system, satellite dome, satellite navigation, electrical system, heating controls and much more.


Auto-Trail TV

Worried about your motorhome being overweight?

Take a look at the Auto-Trail Weight Calculator and see how it all adds up.

Draughty Fiat cab?

Do you suffer fom draughts in the cab when travelling? I am sure the answer is yes. The Fiat X250 cab (2007/2014) was basically designed for use as a delivery cab for vans, trucks etc. with a smallish cab area seperated from the load area. The cab is designed to allow fresh air to enter the cab through the dash vents, the fresh air then has to escape from the cab to keep maintain the circulation. The 'outlet' for the now, not so fresh air is situated on the near side of the cab behind the passenger seat and can only be located from under the vehicle. It is a plastic grille with a soft rubber membrane that opens and closes depending on the vehicle speed, the faster you go, the wider it opens, the bigger the draft, the colder your legs are!

Fiat produce a blanking plate to replace the outlet grille and is really effective in reducing the drafts around the cab. It is simple to change, being a snap fit and is also cheap to purchase from your local Fiat dealer (under £3 + vat)

The grill is situated on the nearside just forward of the gas locker and about 12" upwards. You can see it if you lie just under the edge of the van, you can reach it and change it without having to jack the vehicle up. As always make sure the handbrake is applied and the wheels are chocked if venturing underneath the van. The pictures below show the original grill, the replacement blanking plate and the part number/ description. 

New official spares and repairs centre for out of warranty repair to Auto-Trail Audio Visual products such as the 12ele2000 etc. as fitted to the X250 range. 

Les Evans & Son Ltd     (Website)
Unit 2 No 93 
Whitchurch Road 
SY1 4EQ 
01743 450457 

Habitation door problems?

Here is a tip from a member;

We have an 07 Dakota Se and the handle on the habitation door stopped working from the outside. We contacted our local body repair specialist who discovered that piece of metal that operated the door had broken. I tried to find a supplier of the handle but was told that they had gone out of business and I needed to buy a new door costing about £2000. Our body specialist made a new piece for a fraction of the cost and would like to let you know that if there are any other Autotrail owners with a similar problem they can get the handle fixed a lot cheaper than buying a new door. 

The company is in Biggin Hill, Kent, they are,TB Motors, the telephone number is 01959 574170

Thanks to Phil Webb for the information.

Habitation door catch not holding the door open?


Here is a tip from a member, it's simple, cheap and very effective, even in strong winds.

Drill a 3mm hole in the centre of the catch fitted to the side of the van (See slide 1)

Drill a 3mm hole in the centre of the catch fitted to the door (See slide 2)

Cut a piece of 2.5mm metal 100mm in length and bend at 90' - 25mm from both ends. A meat skewer is ideal for this pupose. (See slide 3)

Fit your new door 'catch' as shown (See slide 4)

A 5 minute job costing only a few pence, no more door slamming in the wind.

You can also make a similar 'catch' for your locker door (length of wire will need to be longer). This will stop the locker door dropping on your head whilst you are gaining access.

Why not stick the new 'catches' somewhere convenient with Bluetack when not in use?


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