Information Wanted

 Can you help owners with these requests for information?

Please send any relevant information back (if no contact details supplied) via email to, where it will be forwarded to the member with the question. Thank you.

Any Plans?
I have recently purchased an old 1991 Mercedes Auto Trail Apache.
Unfortunately it was in more of a bad state than we first realised and we have had to basically start over again.
It would be really helpful if anyone in the group has any plans / drawings of the layout.

Can anyone help with information please?

We have a 2001 Cheyenne 634.
Above the hab door to the right we have the red neon awning light switch.
Adjacent to this switch - is another switch, its purpose not known.
Does anyone know what the switch is for?
We checked and it is "live" and wired into the main loom.
Question answered
The switch operates a light in the wardrobe. However, this light cannot be seen from the inside of the wardrobe and nor can it be seen from outside the wardrobe. The light is hidden away on what is basically a false shelf. This small shelf (above the door inside) is there to carry the light and the wiring loom.

Information Wanted

Hi, recently bought a 2006 Cheyenne 840SE. The lounge window blind on the driver's side of the vehicle has been removed.

It is the design as in pictueres below

Does anyone know where I can get one from please ?

Contact Clayton Scarrott  at Tel 07891976585. Evesham, Worcestershire

Try O'Leary Motorhomes, who specialise in purchasing obsolete / surplus stock.​


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