Fly Screen Repair


Remove the fly screen and place on a flat surface, leave plenty of working space around the screen.

Remove the 8 torx screws (4 at the top and 4 at the bottom).

Remove the frame from around the fly screen. Suggest you take photos at each stage to ensure correct order of re assembly.

Remove the brass blocks at the top and bottom.

Slide the screen out of both sides, both at the sliding end and the fixed end.

Behind the fixed end are the cord tensioning springs which are held onto the cord with clips (crimps)

Remove the clips (crimps) and springs (Use pliers and screwdriver).

Cut the new cord to the required lengths (maybe allow 12-18” longer than required.

Fasten the clips (crimps to the new cords, slide on the springs making sure they are the correct way round (check photo you took earlier?)

The cords break because they rub against the eyelets and with constant rubbing made them sharp.

Turn it over so the cord does not rub against the sharp edge.

Use a darning needle to thread the cord through the flyscreen.

Temporarily replace the brass blocks.

Slide the fly screen into their fixed part of the frame ensuring the springs do not jam against the frame.

Remove the lower guide from the sliding section of the fly screen and slide the other end of the fly screen into it. (Ensure the cords travel on the inside of the sliding section i.e. behind the fly screen. When you have the fly screen in the sliding section you should only see the cords at the top and bottom).

The top 2 cords go to the bottom of the fly screen and the bottom 2 cords go to the top of the fly screen.

Remove the blocks, thread the cords through the eyes in the top and bottom of the sliding section.

Replace the bottom guide and again temporarily replace the brass blocks.

This will prevent the cords from pulling out.

Replace the bottom and top of the frame at the fixed end of the frame.

Insert the sliding section of the fly screen into the channels at the top and bottom.

Mark the fully closed position of the screen (use masking tape and pencil).

The 4 cords will require tensioning. If the cords are not sufficiently tensioned the screen will move in any wind. If it is over tensioned the magnet will not keep it in the closed position.

Loosen the grub screws in the brass blocks and with the screen in the closed position slide the brass blocks evenly down the cords, top and bottom until in the correct position.

Then take a further ¾ to 1” of cord through the blocks to tension the springs.

Then tighten the grub screws and cut off any surplus cord leaving 1” remaining.

Place the brass blocks in their correct positions in the frame uprights.

Secure the bottom part (this prevents the cord from slipping out).

Secure the top part.


It will take best part of half a day. Take plenty of photos as you dismantle the frame, this will help on re assembly.

Good Luck!                                                                                                Author unknown


You may download the above document below.


Fly Screen download
Microsoft Word document [13.7 KB]


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