Fiat Ducato with Comfort-Matic Heater Fault Hot Air to Drivers Feet

Fiat Ducato with Comfort-Matic Heater Fault Hot Air to Drivers Feet

The copy email below outlines my communication to Fiat Customer Care regarding my concern. This email was sent twice without any conformation received from Fiat, my next action was phone fiats 0800 number on there web page. This was re-directed to Fiat Italy, my email was found by the English speaking customer care operative. At this point I entered into a long conformation discussion, insisting on a log number, It is important you insist on them logging  your concern.  I kept Chelston up dated on all correspondence, a few days passed when I received a call from Chelston informing me that Fiat would like to inspect my Motor Home, a date was arranged. The outcome of that inspection is below my copy email.      


Fiat Ducato with Comfort-Matic Gearbox  VIN  ZFA25000002E*****

I took delivery of my motor home based on the Fiat Ducato September 2017.

 I unfortunately experienced a warning light fault so returned to the Fiat dealership Chelston, located  in Wellington, Somerset. That fault was rectified, but my second reported fault regarding the heater not delivering hot air to the driver's feet, was not accepted as a manufacture's fault. I do not accept that to remedy it, they could modify the heater outlet at my expense.  This fault only appears when the Comfort-Matic clutch pedal  replacement foot rest  is fitted. It blocks the hot air that should be directed on to the driver's feet, therefore making the heater  not fit for purpose. The technician took me to two other Ducato's one the same as mine with the same fault, the other a manual gearbox that did not have the same fault.

To check this if you turn the heater on full blow to the feet you can thread your hand up behind the foot panel and feel hot air, but if you rest your hand where the heat should be directed, there is no heat. With my experience as a retired Technician and Iveco service manager I am very concerned that the heat directed up behind the dash  could cause premature failure of electrical equipment in that area of the vehicle.

I requested the dealership to contact you with this concern, I trust thy have as when recently I used my motor home in freezing weather conditions my feet did not get warm.

I look forward to you investigating  this matter and recommending a fix, not at the customer's expense.


My Heater now works as it should. My assessment of the fault is that only the Comfort-Matic has this fault, the reason is Fiat has fitted a plate where the Clutch pedal would have been, this blocks off the heater outlet redirecting the hot air up behind the dash. You can check this yourself by putting you hand up behind the pedals towards the rear if the dash. When I picked up my Motor home I requested conformation as to the fix. I was told that it consisted of the fitment of recognized Fiat parts, of the pedal plate also the heater outlet pipe. Apparently this fix is not a recall, so I encourage any owner that has this concern to take this path. Personally I am upset that as the owner I should not need to be put in this position, as the indications are that Fiat have a fix and are aware of this concern, so being unfair to there customers regarding that concern.  

I thank Chelston Motor Homes Fiat service department helping me to get this resolve.

Dennis Hobbs   


Thanks to Dennis for the information. ATOC Webmaster

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