Fiat safety recall information


Recall number R/2018/038

Possible fault. Intercooler sleeve may detach from the throttle body

Chassis numbers affected  VIN start number 02781370 to VIN end number 02F64300

Build dates 17/02/16 to 03/09/17

Fiat Recall Notices 

Fiat recall notice - Number R/2017/085 
Vehicles Built 14/12/2016 - 09/02/2017 may have a camshaft fault. Chassis numbers within this range 

VIN ZFA25000002D26560 to ZFA25000002D50789 

If you have a vehicle within the chassis number range please contact your local Fiat dealer.  

Thanks to Debbie Wort for the above information


Fiat Customer Service say there may be a 'quality enhancement' notice on some vehicles (Euro 6). 
The recall reference is as follows.: 6152-290-TUBO-EGR all other details are a little vague. Suggest you call your dealer to enquire if your motorhome is affected. 

As part of our ongoing quality assessment and despite full endurance testing, we have discovered a potential risk with the weld on the front TV bracket fitted to a number of 2015 Auto Trail vehicles.


It has been identified that certain conditions can affect the structural integrity of the weld that holds the two pieces of the TV bracket together. In some situations this can lead to the weld failing allowing the TV to drop with no prior warning. Because of this small risk, we have decided to add a secondary latch to the front of the TV installations on all 2015 affected models detailed below within the build numbers; 151002 - 151536 inclusive, 155001 - 155534 inclusive and 158009 - 158055 inclusive (after these build numbers the bracket was modified with additional welds).


Please note that this rework is not required on all models within the above build numbers.

Imala 615                     Tracker RS                   Apache 632                 Frontier Navajo

Imala 620                     Tracker EKS                                                     Frontier Mohawk          

Imala 715                     Tracker FB                   V Line 600                   Frontier Dakota

Imala 720                     Tracker RB                   V Line 620                   Frontier Savannah

                                                                                                              Frontier Delaware

                                                                                                              Frontier Comanche

                                                                                                              Frontier Chieftain.

We are in the process of writing to all customers who are potentially affected by this issue asking them to contact their nearest dealer for this work to be carried out.




Dear Customer,

Fiat Group Automobiles U.K Ltd has been made aware that your vehicle is included in the above Service Campaign, Fiat Ref. 5909. ln common with all other vehicle manufacturers, Fiat employs a policy of monitoring and improving their products. As a result of this continual appraisal, we inform you that there is a requirement to update the RadioNavigator software to align it with current production specifications. This will improve the features on the radio and navigation systems.

As this important Service Campaign has been advised previously. we urgenily request you make an appointment with your chosen Fiat Professional Dealer in order that they can carry out the necessary rectification at the earliest opportunity. This work will of course be carried out without charge.


Fiat offers dashboard lighting solution

Fiat, which manufacturers the Ducato base vehicle that underpins the majority of new motorhomes sold in the UK and across Europe, has confirmed that there is an issue with poor back lighting of some of its vehicles’ dashboards.

Fiat has remained quiet over the issue until a large number of people contacted Fiat complaining that the dashboards on their new Ducato-based motorhomes were difficult to read.

Fiat was approached by a number of ATOC members at the NEC and were told it had not identified a problem and did not offer a solution.

The problem is the speedo is dull, even on a bright day, which could be dangerous, especially if you need to check your speed it was almost impossible to take a quick glance and get a reading.

Fiat have now confirmed there is an issue with the backlighting on some Ducato dashboards.(2015 model onwards) and is now offering to modify the dashboard lighting for free.

UPDATE  15/01/16  

It appears the dash illumination problem will not be subject to a recall, so you should phone Fiat Professional Camper Assist Customer services on Freephone number 00800 3428 1111 number to register your complaint and request that it is corrected.

Work should commence at the end of March or early April.                          

UPDATE 07/04/16

Fiat Dashboard Lighting. 2015.
I rang Fiat Customer Services on Friday 1st April and complained bitterly about not being able to see what speed I was doing.
I spoke to a very nice lady called Dawn who was very sympathetic and said they were just starting to do something about it.
She wanted all my van details , reg , date of purchase Vin number etc and the confirmed it qualified and gave me a reference number
She rang my local Fiat Commercial Dealer and called me back to say they could do it but I was to be the first they had done and they didn't know how long it would take as it was a software thing and they would have to download this and that.
She said was I happy to be the first and I reluctantly said yes.
She rang back Monday and said they could do it Thurto Tony read for sday and to allow 2 hours.
I took it in this morning and it took 15 minutes.
Dawn even rang back to see how I got on . Excellent service from Fiat Cutomer Services.
0080034281111 then choose option13 then option2

UPDATE 21/04/16

After my first run out in the van since the update I can now confirm that according to the indash computer my fuel consumption is now 71 mpg! I think it may need to go back again for another fix

Update kindly supplied by Pete Tanner.

Another member who also had the update completed reported this

Our van had it's third dashboard consol fitted today, and also the software to switch on the dashboard lights when the ignition is turned on. My Fiat garage is inclined to agree with me that having the dashboard lights on in bright sunshine is not going to solve the problem. Yesterday was a nice sunny day and he still had difficulty seeing the speedometer numbers. 

I have just checked and my fuel consumption returning from my Fiat garage at Milton Damerel (16 miles) was 22.7, which is about right. Up and down steep Devon hills on unclassified roads, and not able to engage top gear. So our's looks as if it is OK.

Thanks to Tony Read for this information 


          Possible problem with ignition switches

The fault affects vehicles built between October 2014 and June 2015 and there is apparently a possibility that the ignition may switch itself off while the vehicle is in motion. A new switch will be fitted and it takes about an hour to do. You could wait for the recall notice to drop through your door but due to the risk involved, give your local Fiat agent a call NOW! 

The affected vehicles have chassis numbers in the range 2729501 to 2904391.  

If your chassis number does not fall within these numbers; you are not affected. 


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